Friday, June 24, 2011

What's up with that

Recently, my friend Carmel introduced me to my newest vice, Her preferred method of persuasion was to tag me on pictures of custom made Swarovski encrusted Christian Loboutin shoes. In other words,  I was attacked from all angles, ambushed, and was finally shot in the forehead...just plain cruel. Anyhow, it was great she introduced me to Etsy because I have been able to find unique and amazing custom made accessories for the wedding. 
Amongst my new findings, I came across a not-so-famous wedding planning website, In my opinion, is less focused on wedding vendor marketing, has better planning tools for brides that can be customized, and overall, it is a better tool than However, I have found that although there are many wedding planning websites, they have different focuses and specialties. 
With the help of our GREAT and patient wedding planner, Janel Ellefsen, we have been able to book our transportation and the band that will play during dinner. 
Today, I spoke with Amy from Windsongs, our ceremony string trio, to begin discussing ceremony music. Once I got home, I was on my mission to research songs for our reception, specially for the important moments such as, music for our entrance, father and daughter dance, garter toss, bouquet toss, cake cutting... you get the point. 
Although the wedding planning process has been stressful, there have been many moments that have made me smile like a little school girl. One of these moments was tonight, when I was picking the song for the garter secret *grin*.

Special thanks to Carmel who has been helping me with wedding ideas and given me suggestions.



P.S.: In case you where wondering about the title of this post, it is a song from Kenan Thompson's SNL sketch, which happens to be my fiance's favorite. 

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