Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today, Ash Wednesday, although I did not go to Mass, as a good Catholic would have done, I have decided on what I will be giving up for Lent this year. As a good Catholic (not), I began making Lent sacrifices 2 years ago. The first year, I gave up chocolate, pastries, ice cream, junk food, and french fries. It was a hard task at the beginning, but it was very rewarding to see that I was able to accomplish it. Last year, on top of giving up all the goodies I had given up the year before, I gave up Facebook. It was VERY, VERY HARD, my husband and friends would check their Facebook pages and talk about Facebook posts and it drove me crazy, from Ash Wednesday through noon on Good Saturday. This morning, I woke up thinking I would give up the goodies I had given up on the first year and called it good. However, during a conversation with my boss, I asked him what he would be giving up for Lent and he responded: Cursing?! 
After giving the idea some consideration and submitting the idea to a Facebook poll, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (as Barney Stinson would say)! This year, in addition to giving up the goodies and cursing, I will be creating a Lent Swear Jar (thank you Becky); we will see how the Swear Jar goes with $1 increments, I might be broke half way through Lent. Also, in an attempt to fulfill my New Year's Resolution, I will be attending Sunday Mass. 
FB friends, thank you for casting your votes, you have been extremely helpful, as always! Wish me the best of luck, blog readers, and I will let you know how much money will be in the Swear Jar on Easter Sunday.
Now, the countdown begins.



P.S. 1.: I cannot believe I am doing this... Encouragement through Lent is highly encouraged and welcomed.

P.S. 2: Below you will see pictures of Zoey taken by the breeder before we got her on Easter 2007. Enjoy! 

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