Monday, May 30, 2011

To Hire or Not to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planning, time for decisions!
When I began planning our wedding, I had zero wedding planning experience and unlike many women, I have not been planning my wedding day since I was 5 years old. My (and my closest family and friends') lack of time and knowledge of planning a wedding, made us determine we needed to hire a wedding coordinator.
Our first task to find a wedding coordinator forced us into entering the world of the wedding industry. For us, it was difficult to narrow down our selection of wedding coordinators with the overwhelming number of people and companies who provide the same service. As an alien to the wedding planning world, how do you know you are hiring the right company and avoid the hassle of having to fire a vendor, like we had to do with our first weeding coordinator?

  • Click: See if your personality, style, and vision, clicks with the vendor's. Do not ignore your gut feeling.
  • Patience: Do not make rush decisions because you are desperate. Think decisions through.
  • Joint effort: When bride and groom meet with the vendor, you get different perspectives of the meeting.
In the process of hiring vendors, I have realized it is crucial to acknowledge and accept the type of person you are. If you are like me, a woman who likes being in control, you might enjoy planning your wedding better if you hire a coordinator for the Day Of instead.
I think that the key to a joyful wedding planning process is to Know Yourself.

Vendors (thus far) helping us make our wedding, a dream come true:
Wedding  Planner - Occasion, LLC. with Janel Ellefsen            
Photographer - Jean Marcus Strole                                   
Florist and Decor - Anna's Flowers        
DJ - Braden Landon                                 
Printed Goods - Silberman Brown                                       
Hair and Make-up - Salon Maison                                             
Bridal Gown and Jr. Bridesmaid's dresses - Princess Bride
Bridesmaid dresses - Moms, Maids, and More
Musicians - Windsong Trio


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